Welcome to Capital Security Bank Limited (CSB)

We thank you for your interest in CSB. As the only fully-service private bank operating exclusively within the Cook Islands,
CSB provides a distinct level of service to clients seeking to augment their investment plan.

"CSB is absolutely unique in that it does not lend against clients funds on anything other than cash colaterised. That's correct! The only lending that CSB will do is, in effect, lend a client their own funds."


Why does CSB do this?

CSB is a private offshore bank, its primary clients are those seeking to bank in a jurisdiction other than that in which they reside. We will take deposits from clients, protect those deposits under the strong privacy laws and regulations of the Cook Islands government and then spreads those funds across a number of banking partners in a number of jurisdictions.

Which jurisdictions does CSB place funds in?

CSB currently deals with Australia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, and Europe.

How often are CSB’s banking partners reviewed?

CSB reviews these banks daily looking for any movements in credit ratings and risk indications. We also carry out frequent media searches to look for signs of issues with our banking partners or the countries they operate in.

What is CSB’s capital adequacy ratio?

CSB has a total capital adequacy ratio generally sits between 14-20%, which given its conservative nature of business is high.


You can rely on us because:

• we’re the only private bank operating in the Cook Islands

• we have been operating since 1997

• we’re a member of SWIFT

• we’re audited by KPMG

• we’re regulated by the Cook Islands Financial Supervisory Commission

• we keep up to date with current Anti-Money laundering practices, including OECD and FATF guidelines

• we keep your personal information secure inline with the Cook Islands Banking Act 2011

• we’re covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance of USD 5,000,000.

What sets us apart from the rest?

• No presence required to open an account

• Low cost account opening fees

• All fees disclosed up front

• Accounts opened within 5 days, providing all criteria has been met

• Multi currency accounts offered

• Secure online banking available to keep track of your account