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Benefits of Offshore Banking in the Cook Islands

Placing your money in the Cook Islands can provide a range of benefits including:


  • Security, privacy and confidentiality
  • No income tax against individuals or entities
  • Interest on your savings and investment accounts may be paid gross, without deduction of tax at source (although you may have a liability to tax elsewhere)
  • Sophisticated worldwide communication links facilitating ease of access

Cook Islands legislation

The Cook Islands was the first country to enact an explicit asset protection law, implementing particular provisions in 1989 to its International Trusts Act. Several of these changes have been adopted in one form or another in several other countries and a handful of U.S. states. Since 1989 the Cook Islands have adopted modern legislation on banking, insurance, investments and trust companies to protect the investor and ensure that the industry is highly regulated. In addition, specific legislation exists to maintain the reputation designed to keep the Islands free of the proceeds of drug trafficking, insider dealing and money laundering.

The Cook Islands Banking Act 2011 and Financial Transactions reporting act 2004 provides comprehensive security and confidentiality for customers of Capital Security Bank. The confidentiality laws of the Cook Islands prohibit the disclosure of banking relationships except with the consent of the customer, ensuring that no creditor or foreign government can gain access to bank information except in cases of preventing money laundering or averting the financing of terrorism.

Capital Security Bank Limited is regulated by the Cook Islands Financial Supervisory Commission in pursuant to the Cook Islands Banking Act 2011 and does not operate within any jurisdiction other than the Cook Islands.


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Note: The above is not to be taken as financial advise. CSB recommends that you seek prior independent financial advice and consider carefully whether entering into an offshore banking relationship is appropriate in terms of your experience, financial objectives, needs and circumstances.

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