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Our Team


    • David Steens (Chartered Accountant - New Zealand, Bachelor of Commerce – Auckland)

David has been Managing Director of CSB from January 2012 and previously a director and manager of CSB from 1998 to 2004. He has a background in accountancy & management in professional firms, an energy company, a dairy company and in the building industry.


    • Kevin Carr (Chartered Accountant - New Zealand, Fellow - New Zealand Institution of Management)

Kevin has been a director of CSB since 2010 and previously held the position of Financial Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management for the Cook Islands Government from 1998 to 2007. He has held a number of other senior positions within Governmental and private sector organisations in New Zealand.   


    • Unakea Kauvai

Unakea has been a director of CSB from 2009 and most recently held the position of Managing Director to the Bank of the Cook Islands from 2004 to 2008. He has over 30 years experience in banking within the Cook Islands including several senior management positions and also served on the board of several statutory bodies.  

Unakea has also been the Chairman of the Board of the Cook Islands Airport Authority since June 2011.


    • Brian Mason (Bachelor of Law and Masters degree in Politics – Victoria University / Auckland University) 

Brian has been a director of CSB from 2004 and currently has a law practice in the Cook Islands. He has a background in law and has over 10 years specialist experience within the offshore trust and banking industry. 


Key Staff - Banking

John has been Operations Manager for CSB since April 2012. He has over 10 years experience in the banking and finance industries across New Zealand and the Cook Islands.


Atinata has been a Banking Officer of CSB since 2008. She has over 9 years experience within the Cook Islands offshore trust and banking industry. 



Key Staff - Accounting

Anna has been Financial Accountant of CSB since 2000. She has a background in accountancy & management in the trust industry, professional firms and retail companies.


Contact our team of specialists on info@capitalsecuritybank.com or use the contact form and live chat options to find out more.

Why Consider Offshore Banking?

The raising of taxes to fund a failing economy, local courts and administrations encouraging a culture of legal actions aimed at asset confiscation, the prevalence of divorce, malicious prosecution, and our unstable political world. These political and social factors that you cannot control could effect assets held domestically in your home jurisdiction and all make their own argument each for relocating assets offshore.

The offshore environment, on the other hand, delivers freedom from the above concerns and freedom from red tape. 

Offshore banking with CSB, however, isn't only about protecting assets. Offshore banking with CSB also equals access to investment products and opportunities that might not be available from your domestic bank, as well as an effective level of privacy/secrecy usually unheard of "onshore."

In short, doing at least some of one's banking offshore makes financial sense. Isn't it time you tried, too?

Contact our team of specialists on info@capitalsecuritybank.com or use the contact form and live chat options below to find out more.

CSB Cash Account

Open a Capital Security Bank offshore bank account

A Capital Security Bank cash account will give you access to 25+ different currencies, fixed deposits and world wide money transfers all under the umbrella of a single account number. Click the link below to find out more.

CSB Cash Account

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