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Christmas Box

Fostering Festivity: Capital Security Bank's Contribution to the Holiday Spirit

At Capital Security Bank, our commitment extends beyond finance. We proudly contribute to the holiday spirit by supporting initiatives like packing 1000 Christmas boxes, spreading joy, and fostering a sense of community during the festive season. Together, we embrace the true essence of the holidays.

Te Kara Run

Championing Understanding: CSB's Endorsement of Te Kara Run and Autism Awareness Initiative

At Capital Security Bank, we prioritize social impact. Te Kara Run, the Autism Awareness Initiative, reflects our commitment to fostering understanding, acceptance, and support for individuals on the autism spectrum. Through active participation and advocacy, we aim to create a more inclusive and compassionate community, embracing diversity with open hearts. Together, we stand for a world where everyone is valued and celebrated.

Tereora College

Nurturing Talent: CSB's Recognition of Ruby Nixon's Achievements at Tereora College

Capital Security Bank takes pride in supporting local talent, and we extend our applause to Ruby Nixon of Tereora College. Through our commitment to education, we celebrate Ruby's achievements and contributions. Her dedication exemplifies the spirit of excellence we champion in our community, fostering a brighter future for aspiring individuals. Together, we believe in nurturing talent and empowering the next generation.

Ngakau Toa

Empowering Waters: Capital Security Bank's Support for the Cook Islands Paddling Community

Capital Security Bank proudly backs the Cook Islands Paddling Community, promoting active lifestyles and camaraderie. Through sponsorships and events, we celebrate unity, sportsmanship, and the pristine waters of our islands.

CI Weight Lifting

Elevating Strength: Capital Security Bank's Support for the Cook Islands Weightlifting Federation

Capital Security Bank is dedicated to empowering local communities. We are thrilled to stand behind the Cook Islands Weightlifting Federation, promoting strength, determination, and sportsmanship. Through partnerships and initiatives, we aim to inspire a healthier and united future for our islands.

Autism Cook Islands

Building Together: Capital Security Bank's Partnership with Autism Cook Islands

Capital Security Bank is proud to collaborate with Autism Cook Islands, dedicated to representing and advancing our community's projects. Through this partnership, we're committed to enhancing our shared initiatives, promoting unity, and making a positive impact that resonates throughout the Cook Islands.

CI Police

Fostering Unity and Compliance: Capital Security Bank Supports Cook Islands Police

Capital Security Bank is honored to sponsor Cook Islands Police, bolstering the new recruits' wing and reinforcing our commitment to financial compliance alliance. Through this collaboration, we aim to strengthen community ties and ensure a secure, harmonious future for all.

Te Kara Run

Nurturing Potential: Capital Security Bank's Backing of Autism Cook Islands

Capital Security Bank is honored to support Autism Cook Islands. We're committed to fostering growth, understanding, and inclusivity within our community. Through collaboration and advocacy, we're dedicated to creating a brighter future for individuals and families touched by autism.  Here our team participated in the Autism Colour Run.

CI Games 2020

Fueling Excellence: Capital Security Bank's Endorsement of the Cook Islands Games

Capital Security Bank is thrilled to endorse the Cook Islands Games. As ardent supporters of sports and community, we join hands with athletes, fans, and organizers to celebrate determination, unity, and the pursuit of excellence through this remarkable event.


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