CSB’s Low Risk Profile

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CSB’s Low Risk Profile

CSB is absolutely unique in that it does not lend against clients funds on anything other than cash colaterised. That’s correct! The only lending that CSB will do is, in effect, lend a client their own funds. 


      • Why does CSB do this?
      • CSB is a private offshore bank, its primary clients are those seeking to bank in a jurisdiction other than that in which they reside. We will take deposits from clients, protect those deposits under the strong privacy laws and regulations of the Cook Islands government and then spreads those funds across a number of banking partners in a number of jurisdictions.


      • How does CSB make profits?
      • The profits CSB makes are modest, in line with its risk profile, and are made through taking wholesale money market rates and paying clients competitive retail rates.


    • Which jurisdictions does CSB place funds in?

CSB currently has banking partners in the following jurisdictions,

Australia, New Zealand, The Cook Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein and Germany


      • How often are CSB's banking partners reviewed?
      • CSB reviews these banks daily, we also do frequent media searches to look for signs of issues.


      • What are CSB's capital adequacy ratios?
      • CSB has the following capital ratios, Core 11.3%, Tier 1 11.3% and Total 13.4%, which given its conservative nature of business are quite high.


              • Where can I view CSB's balance sheet?
              • A copy of CSB's balance sheet can be view by clicking the below link

CSB's Balance Sheet


If you would like to find out more please contact us on info@csb.co.ck


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