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The Cook Islands has emerged as a prominent offshore financial centre, renowned for its exceptional reputation in the global financial landscape. The Cook Islands in the heart of the South Pacific has successfully cultivated an environment that attracts international businesses and investors seeking confidentiality, asset protection, and strategic wealth management solutions. The Cook Islands boasts a robust framework of laws and regulations governing fiduciary accounts. Its legal system provides a solid foundation for the protection of assets and privacy rights.

The jurisdiction maintains a diligent regulatory regime, bolstered by a strong legal framework. The Financial Supervisory Commission oversees and enforces compliance with anti-money laundering and know-your-customer regulations. Stringent due diligence procedures and regular audits are conducted to uphold the highest standards of financial integrity. Moreover, the Cook Islands demonstrates a commitment to international cooperation and transparency by actively engaging in initiatives such as tax information exchange agreements and the Common Reporting Standard, fostering a reputation as a responsible and cooperative jurisdiction.

The Cook Islands' status as a leading offshore financial centre is underpinned by its robust legal and regulatory framework. The jurisdiction's dedication to privacy, asset protection, and adherence to global standards ensures the continued confidence of individuals and businesses seeking fiduciary solutions in a secure and compliant environment.

Increasingly, investors are drawn to opening Fiduciary Deposit accounts in the Cook Islands for a multitude of compelling reasons, primarily driven by the jurisdiction's exceptional levels of asset protection and confidentiality but also due to the Fiduciary Deposit account’s ability to diversify even further the investors risk on top of already having their funds held in a highly regarded and safe banking jurisdiction of the Cook Islands.

Capital Security Banks (CSB) Fiduciary Deposit product, empowers you the investor to direct CSB to secure a fixed-term deposit with various banks or financial institutions outside the Cook Islands, known as "Counterparty Banks," with the goal as noted above of diversifying your funds. When establishing a Fiduciary Deposit account, CSB will transfer your credit risk from CSB to a Counterparty Bank of your choosing. This is due to the fact that the funds held in a Fiduciary Deposit account are not recorded on the balance sheet of CSB, but rather on the balance sheet of the selected Counterparty Bank. CSB has established agreements with multiple Counterparty Banks for this specific purpose. The current list of Counterparty Banks is available upon request and subject to occasional updates.

On top of diversifying credit risk, a Fiduciary Deposit account held via a CSB account in the Cook Islands can offer several other benefits. Here are some potential advantages:

  • Asset Protection: The Cook Islands has a robust legal framework that provides strong asset protection and privacy laws.
  • Confidentiality: CSB in the Cook Islands is subject to strict confidentiality regulations, which means your financial information and account details are kept confidential from third parties (outside of normal account reporting requirements). This can be beneficial for individuals or businesses seeking to maintain a high level of privacy.
  • Tax Efficiency: The Cook Islands has a favourable tax regime for international investors, with no Cook Islands withholding being deducted for income earned on your CSB account. Depending on your tax jurisdiction and circumstances, you may be able to take advantage of legal tax planning opportunities.
  • Diversification: Holding a Fiduciary Deposit account via CSB allows you to diversify your financial holdings across different jurisdictions. This diversification can help mitigate risks and provide a level of stability in your overall financial portfolio.
  • Professional Management: Fiduciary Deposit accounts are hands on managed by CSB’s professional Banking Team and you will be assigned a personal account manager to be your primary contact at CSB. By entrusting your funds to a reputable institution like CSB, you can benefit from their knowledge and experience in managing and growing your assets.
  • International Access: A Fiduciary Deposit account with CSB in the Cook Islands can provide you with international access to your funds. You can make transactions and manage your account remotely, allowing for ease of use and flexibility regardless of your physical location.
  • Estate Planning: Although CSB does not provide Trust and LLC establishment services direct to its clients a Fiduciary Deposit can be established for individuals, Trusts and other entities such as LLC’s who hold accounts with CSB as such can be useful for asset and estate planning purposes. When establishing a Cook Islands Trust or LLC you can designate beneficiaries to ensure the smooth transfer of wealth to your heirs according to your wishes. The Cook Islands has specific legislation that supports asset protection trusts, making it a favourable jurisdiction for such purposes. The current list of Cook Islands Trustee Companies who specialize in Trust, LLC and other entities establishments is available upon request and subject to occasional updates.



Whether you’re a current CSB client or not, opening a Fiduciary Deposit account at CSB in the Cook Islands involves a straightforward process that is user friendly, secure and ensures CSB meets its compliance and regulatory requirements for opening bank accounts in the Cook Islands.

If you are not an existing CSB client and want to be the easiest and most straight forward method of applying for a CSB account is via our online account opening form which can be found at the below link. This online form will securely collect your data and provide you with easy-to-follow steps to apply for a CSB account.

All new CSB account applicants will need to provide several key documents which will be detailed to you during the account opening process. These typically include a valid passport or government-issued identification, proof of residential address, and supporting financial documents to verify your source of wealth. It is important to note that additional documentation may be requested based on the client's specific situation.

If you’re an existing CSB customer the first step in establishing a Fiduciary Deposit account is to initiate contact with your personal account manager within our friendly Banking Team who will guide you through the setup process.

Contact our Banking Team for more information and personalized customer service. Our experienced team will guide you through the process smoothly. Don't miss out on the opportunity to secure and grow your wealth with CSB Fiduciary Deposit account.

For any enquires CSB’s Banking team can be contacted via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and for a full list of CSB’s products and services please visit our website on


If you are interested in opening a trading account with CSB, enquire with one of our friendly Banking officers or get started online by setting up an account today.