Newsletter Issue: 7 October 2021

Kia Orana, good morning and hello,

In reflection of this 2021 calendar year which seems to be quickly approaching a close, the Cook Islands have managed to maintain our Covid-19 free status in addition to achieving a high 70% vaccination rate.  Despite the international disruption to business worldwide we have remained strong with a Tier-1 capital ratio exceeding 17% and we continue our commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality service to our clients with our values of being Secure, Trustworthy and Reliable sitting at the forefront of our decision making.

We remain committed to assisting you with all your investment requirements and our friendly Banking Team are available to discuss any other banking needs you may have. 
Below is some trading tips to help you with opening a Trading Account, so you can start trading today.

Acknowledging staff achievements is important to us, see below our current star staff member Atinata Hosking.

Good Day from Capital Security Bank Staff & Management

CSB Trading basic tips to help get you started

Before you can start trading you need to ensure you have the basics. Those basics include:

A reliable internet connection – Every second counts when you’re looking to capitalise on your investments held within your Trading Account. You don’t need your trade executions being hampered by an internet connection that cuts out. So, use a cable and opt for at least a mid-range internet package.

Get a good view
 – One of the top tips is to have access to two monitors. If your computer crashes at a vital moment you could lose all your hard-earned profit. So have at least one relatively quick and reliable computer, and preferably a second device available just in case.

Configure your trading platform
 – You’ll spend most of your allocated trading time here, so you need to ensure you set up your platform in a way that suits your style and needs. Our Trading Account platforms provide you with access to multiple exchanges worldwide and have a highly configurable layout.

Have your funds cleared and ready
 – Don’t miss out on the investment opportunity that you have been waiting for. Open your Trading Account now to have secure access to your portfolio with direct access to your investments and the ability to execute buy and sell orders as you wish. You will also see the range of investments available to purchase through the various exchanges.

Acknowledging Staff Achievements

It is our pleasure to introduce and commend Atinata Hosking on her recent achievements.  She has been with CSB Bank since 2008 where she joined as a Banking Officer and has since worked her way through the ranks, and recently being promoted to Compliance & Risk Manager.