• General Information

    A Fiduciary Deposit is a fixed deposit that CSB places, in its name, with one of its counterparties for the benefit of, and at the risk of, it’s client. These deposits are held off CSB’s balance sheet.

    CSB's client can select where the deposit is placed and for what term allowing cash clients to diversify their investments with CSB and improve their returns by enabling them to place their funds on fixed deposit in several banks simultaneously via their CSB account.

  • How do I setup a Fiduciary Deposit?
  • What currencies are available and what is the minimum deposit size for a Fiduciary Deposit?
  • What interest rates and terms are available?
  • What fees are involved in establishing a Fiduciary Deposit Account?
  • What counterparties do I have access to?
  • What reporting do I get on my Fiduciary Deposit?