Gain access to fully allocated physical metals such as Gold, Silver stored in our vault located in New Zealand. 

What type of metals are available?

You will be able to access a wide range of metals including Gold, Silver and Platinum in ounces, bars and coins.


Can I sell my holdings and time?

Yes, our Precious Metals Account allows for your metal to be sold at any time after the date of purchase.

Is the metal physical or electronic?

All metal purchased through CSB is real physical metal which is 100% allocated to the account holder. Upon request we can provide you with the details of the metal you hold including the serial numbers.


Can the metal be physically viewed or transported to another facility if requested?

Yes, the above can be arranged upon request.


How do I keep track of my account balance?

We offer a live online banking platform for our clients for balance viewing and secure instruction sending and receiving.